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Palestinian women’s rights


Project duration: 3 years (2022–2024)
Country: Israel (+ Westbank and Gaza)

Partner organization: KAYAN Feminist Organization, Israel


In Israel, Palestinian women are doubly discriminated against: as women in a patriarchal society and as members of a minority group in the Israeli state. KAYAN is implementing a holistic, wide-ranging program with the aim of bringing about social changes.


The organization advocates for comprehensive women’s rights. KAYAN’s local offices and those of additional women’s organizations in the region jointly create action plans that are tailored to the specific regional needs. Women should be empowered to claim their civil rights and participate in regional and national decision-making processes.
This effort has brought forth an ever-growing network of grassroots activists.


Moreover, KAYAN provides help for women affected by domestic and/or gender-specific vio-lence by operating a cross-border telephone hotline where victims can find assistance 24/7 and get legal, medical and psychological support.


In addition, KAYAN organizes a forum of women in leading positions who advocate for women’s rights. The meeting takes place four times a year and includes further education courses and developing action plans on a national scale.


KAYAN was founded by Arab feminists in 1998. The organization has been striving to protect and promote Arab women’s rights and needs in Israel for 24 years.