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for women
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Lebanon: The country is in a deep crisis: its economy is in shambles, the political system is blocked, the government and administration are barely able to act. Despite these circumstances, the women of Women’s Program Association have succeeded in opening a cafeteria for women in the Burj El Barajneh refugee camp in cooperation with Cuisine sans frontières. > mehr

focus women believes in the potential of women as forces of change. All around the world, women experience the impact of violence, discrimination and poverty to varying degrees. Women are aware of how vulnerable our planet and how fragile society is. They create new perspectives over and over again, and commit themselves to bringing about changes.

focus women supports women's organizations and networks in the global South and Eastern Europe. With them, the Foundation put into practice projects for women by women. 


We won't get rich, but we can eat and sell vegetables, send the children to school, pay for medicine or even buy some things for the household.

Aiwa Manga, women's cooperative Kafone,
Project Solar Energy for Community Gardens, Senegal